Residential housing criteria

We are currently looking for residential real estate throughout the Federal Republic of Germany. The properties should be located in cities and communities with at least 15,000 residents. In addition to a positive cash flow, we make sure that the occupancy rate is not less then 75% and the commercial space is not greater than 20% based on the annual net rent (excludes utilities and common charges).

The properties should appear to be in good condition considering its year of construction. We are not interested in properties requiring major renovation with a significant backlog in maintenance. We will assess properties with at least 50 residential units and will consider a purchase price of up to 16 times the annual net rent heavily depending on the property’s condition and location.


To assess the suitability of a property for purchase, and particularly for our own knowledge, we require a certain minimum in information and/or documents. This data should contain: the full address, number of residential and commercial units, square footage, year of construction, vacancy by unit and area, annual net rent, actual and target, etc.

Privatization property criteria

Properties with at least ten residential units should be situated in good micro-locations, in cities of at least 10,000 inhabitants and considering their infrastructure and good technical condition be suitable for privatization. We are not interested in properties requiring major renovation work. A slight backlog in maintenance is however acceptable.

A purchase price at a maximum of 20 times the actual annual net rent will be considered. In some individual cases we will consider a property with zero occupancy. The commercial proportion based on the annual net rent should not exceed 15%.

Please feel free to use this email address to send us an offer:

Thomas Lange