Sascha Giest

Co-founder, Partner and Managing Director

Sascha Giest was active on the Westgrund AG board of directors in Berlin until its takeover by the Adler Real Estate AG in July 2015. Since joining Westgrund in October of 2013, he contributed quite significantly to the successful and rapid growth of the company from almost 5,000 to currently about 20,000 residential units. He placed a number of expedient increases in the company’s capital stock bringing a relatively small and illiquid company with less than 100 million market capital a market value of over 400 million at last count, and an impressive international and professional investor base. He strategically reoriented the company during the course of its growth. As a result, this generated considerable assets for all investors involved.

Previously Mr. Giest was active in the acquisition of new housing stock for the Berlin municipal housing company GEWOBAG. In a relatively short time period over 7,000 residential dwellings could be acquired during a very attractive market phase.

Up until then Mr. Giest worked for many years in London for the international investment banks JPMorgan and Barclays, where his core activities were acquisition consulting, financing and real estate. He was instrumental in the securitization process of Deutsche Annington and Vitus and in purchase financing for clients such as Blackstone, Terra Firma and Babcock & Brown.

Mr. Giest has his Diplom in business administration specializing in banking. At Velero Partners he is chiefly responsible for working with our bank and investment partners, but will also jump in to add his support to the purchasing business unit as need be.

Thomas Lange

Co-founder, Partner and Managing Director

Along with many years of experience in the German housing industry, Thomas Lange brings with him an extensive network of industry contacts in various areas. In the past 16 years he has been active in acquiring and selling residential real estate, their assessment, and other consultancy activities. Most recently, Mr. Lange was director of the transactions unit of Westgrund AG where he helped design the successful growth of the company.

Up until then, he worked for many years at the BBT Transaction GmbH in Berlin, where he was responsible for buying, selling and assessing real estate for a broad spectrum of clients. Mr. Lange earned his Diplom in commercial management specializing in real estate. His particular strength at Velero Partners is the selection and assessment of new real estate offers. He manages the entire acquisition process from start to finish, the purchase of investment properties as well as the subsequent management thereof.